We are changing the way pet parents shop by making it easy to get the best in pet nutrition where they currently shop for the rest of their family.


For as long as we've been in business, our sole focus has been pets. In fact, pet foods and treats are all we make — and all we will ever make. With our decades of experience, dedication to pets and commitment to research, we have the knowledge and know-how to meet the needs of pet parents.

We Understand Pet Parents

We've done decades of market research, and one simple fact always rings true: People want to feed their pets the highest quality food at a price they can afford. At Ainsworth Pet Nutrition we believe that doing the best for pets should always be easy. Every day we strive to provide pet store quality products with the convenience and price found at local grocery stores.


At Ainsworth, we know that the high-end pet food landscape is constantly evolving. Today, pet parents are looking for specialty recipes for their pets without having to make a special trip. That’s why we strive to bring new products that will be meaningful to pet parents, which in turn will help our retail partners grow.

These are just few of our specialty offerings:


We know that changing the way pet parents shop for high quality pet foods can only be accomplished through strong partnerships. That's why we focus on creating value for our retailers that they can then pass along to their shoppers. We deliver unbiased category insights and analyze growth trends to help our retailers optimize shelving and assortment. We also collaborate on merchandising to efficiently and effectively expand pet categories. And we work hand-in-hand to help our retailers build their own super premium brands — striving to be a true partner in all we do.


A big part of changing the way people shop for pet food is helping our retailers make it easy for pet parents to choose the right products for their pet. That’s why we’ve introduced our Aisle Management program – a full-service program that starts with understanding the needs of pet parent shoppers and ends with meeting those needs through physical changes within the retail store.