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Our goal at Ainsworth Specialty Brands is to be synonymous with the most nutritionally advanced food and treats for companion animals — both yours and ours.

This means developing brands that use the highest quality ingredients available. We ensure the best cooking methods possible and are committed to a focus on safety that surpasses anything in the marketplace today.

The Ainsworth Specialty Brands division is a dedicated team focused on contributing to the Ainsworth Pet Nutrition family vision by building and growing differentiated brands exclusive to all channels of pet specialty, as well as farm and feed stores.

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Back to Basics - Nutrition as it was meant to be

Back to Basics®

Nutrition as it was meant to be

Long before dogs became our pets they would hunt their prey taking from it the most vital proteins and nutrients. Today, domesticated dogs rely on their human companions to provide them proper nutrition.

That's why Back to Basics is doing just what the name implies — going back to basics and creating a food as close to what nature would offer yet still provide all the benefits of a complete and balanced meal.

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Dear Friend,

Many of you may not be aware that Ainsworth Pet Nutrition has a sister company in the Joplin, Missouri area called Hampshire Pet Products. While plant facilities were not significantly affected by the recent tornado, a number of Ainsworth Pet Nutrition families have been directly impacted by the loss of property and, in some cases, loss of their primary residence. The devastation in the Joplin community has been well documented in the news. It is difficult to comprehend the extent of the impact on property and families in the Joplin community.

To support these families in their efforts to rebuild, Ainsworth will be matching employee donations. However the greater need in the entire Joplin community that affects our families and so many others are also of critical importance to us.

Efforts to help these people and pets are being managed by the local disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross and the ASPCA, working in conjunction with the Missouri Humane Society. We encourage you to donate what you can to help people and their beloved pet family members in this time of need:

American Red Cross:
ASPCA/Humane Society:

Thank you in advance for your support in this time of need for Ainsworth families and their pets.

Best Regards,

Sean Lang, CEO
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition